Gewog at a Glance

Nahi gewog is located in the south western part of Wangdue Phodrang Dzongkhag. The total area of 6470 hectares or 64.7 sq.km. It is bordered by the Thedtsho and Gasetsho-Gom geog in the east, Gaetshowom gewog in the south, Baap gewog(Thimphu) in the north and chang gewog(Thimphu) in the west.The gewog is connected by 12 km feeder road from the Wangdue - Tsirang highway which is constructed by the BG-SRDP(GTZ) during the year 2000. Nahi Gewog consists of Five chiwogs namely Nabesa, Yusagom, Yusawom, Hebesa and Khujula with an estimated population of 1200 people.




No tourist destinations in this Gewog.