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Gasetshogom Gewog Centre is located just above the Punatshangchu Hydropower Project Authority (PHPA) colony. It is about 18 kilometres from the Dzongkhag Administration at Bajothang, Wangdue. It consists of five Chiwogs with 4 Tshogpas. It has a total of 185 households according to the annual RNR survery. It has a population of about 2026 approximately. It has an area of 46.8 square kilometers. The altitude ranges from 1200-1500 meters above sea level. The place is well known for the biggest power projects in the country, Punatshangchu Hydropower Project Phase 1 and phase 2. The main cash crop of the people is paddy. They sell vegetables and wild forest products to the buyers from Punatshangchu project and in Sunday market at Bajo.

The Gewog Administration consists of the local government officials like the Gup, Mangmi, Gaydrung and the Tshogpas. Apart from the locally elected members, there are Government officials like Gewog Administrative Officer, Livestock Extension Office, Agriculture Extension Officer and Forest Extension Officer.The Gewog Office and the RNR centre are located together. The Gewog has one Central School called Gaselo Central School. It has one BHU at the Gewog Centre which caters the people of 4 Chiwogs. The PHPA office is also located near the Gewog about half an hour walk down hill. The project has helped the Gewog in many Developmental activities like construction of farm roads, irrigation channels by providing funds.

The Gewog Administration conducts its Gewog Tshogde (GT) quarterly and it can conduct an extra GT meeting in the times of emergency. The meetings are chaired by the Gup as the chairman and the Mangmi as the Vice Chairman. The Tshogpas meet at the Gewog Office once a week (Friday). The minutes of the meetings are distributed to all members and the Dzongkhag Tshogdu. After the endorsement of the points in the Gewog Tshogde, the points are further taken to the Dzongkhag Tshogdu for discussion and deliberation. The Extension staff from RNR, Principals of schools, the HA from BHU and the Goshay Nyenshays are involved as observers in the Gewog Tshogde. The Gewog Tshogde is the highest decision making body in Gewog.




No tourist destinations in this Gewog.