Comparative Statement 2021-2022

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Item Wise Evaluation-Computer and IT Equipment 2021-2022_0.pdf 217.04 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Tonner and Cartridges 2021-2022_0.pdf 356.93 KB
Lot Wise Evalaution-Annual Catering 2021-2022_0.pdf 744.94 KB
Item Wise Evaluation-Hardware and Electrical Items 2021-2022_0.pdf 2.71 MB
Item Wise Evaluation-Office and School Stationery 2021-2022_0.pdf 610.84 KB
Item Wise Evaluation-Fuel Efficient Cooking Stoves & others_0.pdf 228.5 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Tyres and Tubes 2021-2022_0.pdf 242.23 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Games and Sport Items 2021-2022_0.pdf 302.52 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Hiring vehicles and Machineries_0.pdf 276.24 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Office and School Furniture 2021-2022_0.pdf 399.19 KB
Item Wise Evaluation- Agricultural Equipment 2021-2022_0.pdf 296.32 KB

GLD 2018-2019

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8.GLD 2018 5.17 KB 38.3 KB 25.47 KB 44.12 KB 45.33 KB 44.12 KB 44.69 KB 39.21 KB 43.41 KB

Municipal Permits

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Building Permit.docx 2.02 MB
Building Permit.pdf 297.9 KB
Planning Permit form.docx 2.02 MB
Planning Permit form.pdf 307.1 KB
Refusal or Acceptance of OC.docx 2.01 MB
Refusal or Acceptance of OC.pdf 278.75 KB
Renewal of Occupancy Certificate.pdf 347.98 KB
Renewal of Occupancy Certificate.docx 3.04 MB
Occupancy Certificate.pdf 257.46 KB
Occupancy Certificate.docx 3.04 MB
Application For Occupancy Certificates.pdf 96.86 KB
Application For Occupancy Certificates.docx 11.94 KB


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Application_Form_for_Places_of_Entertainment.pdf 80.43 KB
Recommendation_Form_for_Issuance_of_License_for_Entertainment.pdf 42.79 KB
Renewal_Form_for_Entertainment_License.pdf 44.99 KB
Rules on the Places of Entertainment Final.pdf 1.15 MB
Terms_and_Conditions_for_Operating_Places_of_Entertainment_SVB.pdf 52.34 KB
Undertaking and Surety Bond.pdf 187.71 KB