Samtengang Central School

Samtengang Central School is located in Nyisho Gewog, Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag, Bhutan. The school has a total area of approximately 22.58 acres. It is approximately 20 kilometers away from Bajo town. Samtengang Central School can be reached by rough road from Chuzomsa or on foot from TekiZampa and recently a farm road is also connected to the place. Sitting atop a mountain plateau, Samtengang has an encompassing view of Bajo town, Dzong, Bjena, Phangyul and Kazhi villages. The campus includes a beautiful lake that is Niche to various species of fish as well as avian wildlife. The school was initially established in 1962 as a Hindi medium community school and it consisted of only few temporary huts. The first Headmaster, appointed by the Department of Education, was Mr. M.M. Joseph who managed the school along with two Dzongkha Teachers. n March 1998, the school was upgraded to a Lower Secondary with the construction of boarding facilities. Classes ranged from PP (pre-primary) to VIII. In the same year, a new 12 unit building was constructed near the lake, and is now referred to as the 'Old Block.' The school upgraded again, to a Middle Secondary School in 2008, the same year as Bhutan's adoption of a democratic parliamentary system. Classes PP to 6 were allocated to a new location, now serving as Lower campus of Samtengang Central School. Classes IX and X were subsequently added to the school, forming the current class ranges from class VII to X.