A self-reliant, productive, diverse, resilient and sustainable agriculture food system


Achieve food and nutrition security, agricultural transformation through innovative and sustainable technologies, diversified and competitive economic/production options, inclusive and sustainable policies and programs.


  • Ensure attainment of food self sufficiency

  • Generate and promote appropriate agriculture technologies

  • Develop sustainable irrigation and water management system

  • Promote income generation, employment opportunities and enterprise development

  • Promote sustainable utilization of agriculture land

  • Promote farm mechanization and labour saving technologies

  • Promote sustainable and climate resilient agriculture development

  • Establish commodity value chains

  • Develop and promote effective measures to protect crops from wild life damage

  • Delivery of essential agriculture inputs and services (farm infrastructure, technical, advisory and administrative)

  • Provide support services on soil, plant protection, post-harvest and other agricultural services

  • Liaise with national and international institutions for program coordination


  • To increase crop production for enhancing food self sufficiency, income and nutrition security

  • To generate and promote climate resilient agriculture technologies

  • To promote organic farming for sustainable agriculture, safe food, and environment conservation

  • To develop functional farm infrastructures and facilities (irrigation channel, farm roads, post-harvest facilities, etc.)

  • To promote agriculture enterprise development

  • To enhance effective and efficient delivery of agricultural services