Bjimthangkha Primary School

The Bjimthangkha Primary School was established in 1st April 2017 as a dayschool classes ranging from PP-VI. The school was established especially to provide primary education to the children of Punatshangchhu Hydroelectric Project Authority employees of Bjimthangkha and to ease travelling of small children every day in the bus and to save transportation expenses of the project. The name of the school denotes “A place full of sand’. The location of the school is just adjacent to the left hand side of the Punatshangchhu Hydroelectric Project Authority colony’s main gate entrance. The school constructions were solely funded by the project. The designing of the school was done by the WAPCOS Ltd. (Ministry of Water Resources, Government of India) by considering Bhutanese architecture and design. The total enrolment of the school is 220 children with 8 teachers including principal and 2 support staff.