Tencholing Primary School

Tencholing Primary School was established in the year 1973 with the center purpose to enroll the children of the families of military training center. Initially, the school was established by Armed forces with three single storied building of the type normally found in the army campuses.  It started with one teacher and 40 students. In 1981, the school was handed over to Department of School Education under the Ministry of Education. The school is located on a small hilltop above the highway to Trongsa, hidden in a cypress grove in the Military Training Center and 2 kilometers from Bajo town towards east.  The altitude of a place is 200 meters and Government considers this school as an urban school in the kingdom. The enrollment of the school has been steadily in growth as 40 students in 1973 to 9993 students in 2012. Mr. Dorji Penjor was the first principal, posted by the Ministry who initiated and showed his utmost sincerity and hard work. Mr. Alexander took over the charges of principal who tirelessly work to bring development in the school. The third principal was Mr. M.B. Mukhya, joined the school and shouldered the various responsibilities as manager and bought tons of development. Mr. Gopal Pradhen was next principal who contributed wholeheartedly to provide better education. The fifth principal was Mr. K.B. Gurung followed by Mr. Jambay Dorji who worked hard to bring educational changes in the school. Mr. D.K. Ghalley was seventh principal in the school and Ms. Doma was eighth principal who joined the school in1998 and shouldered the various responsibilities as manager and bought tons of development in terms of infrastructures and quality of education. In her tenure, school has seen immense changes with 2 buildings of 2 stories, cemented the assembly ground and many others.