Zumba Aerobic Dance

17 October 2019

To promote healthy life and to prevent Non-Communicable Diseases (NCD) in general, the Dzongkhag Health Sector initiated 'ZUMBA AEROBIC DANCE program for the first time in Wangdue Phodrang for the benefit of all.

The program started on16th October 2019 and the opening was graced by Dasho Dzongdag with dance class led by two fitness instructor from the Military Training Centre, Tencholing. An hour aerobic dance in the opening was joined by Dzongkhag staff and people from Bajo business community at the Dzongkhag parking.

The Dzongkhag Health Sector invites all (Dzongkhag staff, staff from Regional Offices, general public and business community) to participate in the program to prevent NCD and lead a healthy lifestyle. The program will start after office hour from Monday to Friday and the program will last for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily.