The installation ceremony of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong Urtsi Serto

29 May 2018

The installation ceremony of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong Urtsi Serto was graced by His Majesty the King coinciding with the 15th Day of the 4th month of the Bhutanese Calendar on the auspicious occasion of Lord Buddha’s Parinirvana. The auspicious occasion was also attended by Hon’ble Prime Minister, Speaker of National Assembly, Chairman of National Council, Home Minister, Senior Government officials, National Steering Committee Members of Wangdue Phodrang Dzong Re-construction Project, Dzongkhag officials, Local Government officials of Wangduephodrang and public of Wangduephodrang.

On the command of His Majesty The King, the dzong reconstruction  started in January 2014. His Majesty The King granted Nu 230 million for the reconstruction of the dzong, and the people of Bhutan came together through various initiatives to contribute Nu 93.828 million. The government of India has committed Nu 1 billion for the re-construction.

Built in the 17th century, the Wangduephodrang dzong was among the first dzongs built by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel. The dzong was rebuilt in 1837 after it was damaged by a fire, and by an earthquake in 1897.